Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms

Your access to the «WELLTELL» signifies your becoming full users of the service and proof of a legally binding agreement between you (physical /legal entity - the "User") on the one hand and «WELLTELL» (hereinafter «WELLTELL», we, our, our ), on the other hand, represented by the managing company «Wilmington Services LTD», as well as its representatives and suppliers. The user has the right to use «WELLTELL» only if confirmed its agreement valid and accepted for payment by credit card or other available payment method on the site, or if the service gets over a certain period. Using «WELLTELL», User hereby accepts the terms of this agreement.

2. Payments and comments

We take serious measures in case of withdrawal of the payer bankcard payments, since payments ratings affect our reputation among our business partners to process electronic payments. If the User illegally withdraw its payment by his bank card issuer, we unconditionally to seek the payment through an authorized collecting agency. Do not forget that this action may be to conceive long-term consequences for your credit history, credit score, refusal to follow online payments, we strongly advise to resolve any conflicts directly with us and carefully review our policy with regard to cancellation and compensation before you pay for the service «WELLTELL».

3. Account, password and security

The user creates a request for a password to your personal account by sending commands ussd phone. Password go only on the SIM card, which was initiated by the request. Thus, the user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account, and is fully responsible for all activities that occur with their use. The user agrees to: (a) immediately notify «WELLTELL» about every unauthorized use of the password and account, as well as on any detected breaches of confidentiality and security. (b) a mandatory exit from your account at the end of each session, if the input is done with the computer by third parties. «WELLTELL» under no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage, appeared as a result of non-compliance by you of the provisions of this section.

4. Payment

The user is guaranteed full compensation and agrees to indemnify «WELLTELL» and its affiliated companies, subsidiaries, divisions, officers, agents, employees, partners and licensors harmless from liability for any claims and demands, including legal fees, carried out by third parties as a result of or in Due to the actions of users, connecting it to the «WELLTELL», he admitted breach of this Agreement, or the rights of other persons.

5. Do not commit malicious actions

User is obliged not to take any action with the purpose or likely to directly or indirectly interfere with the proper functioning and monitoring of the work «WELLTELL», as well as related assets and technical service support. Imitation or simulation using, as well as any actions or statements intent, with the ultimate aim or indirect violation of the service, leading to the closure of the users and can lead to the excitation of a lawsuit against him.

6. Policy

All personal data «WELLTELL» Privacy Policy applies. (Privacy Policy)

7. Dispute Resolution

By using the Site, the user agrees that the terms of use listed above are governed by law, and any kind of disputes that may occur between the customer and our company, partners, affiliates will be resolved under the laws of the United Kingdom. If the parties fail to reach agreement, any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of this Agreement or affecting its non-compliance, termination or recognized void, considered by the court in accordance to the laws of the United Kingdom.

8. Payment Details

Processing electronic payments are made by our partner «Rietumu Banka» (Latvia), str. Vesetas 7, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia, through a secure gateway. For security reasons, the card numbers are not stored by our company. Please contact us (Contact us) if you have questions.

9. Limitation of communication

Learn more about restrictions due in directions

10. Measures to combat fraud by Frode

Our company and our partners reserve the right at any time to stop termination traffic to MSISDN numbers, which are used to make calls with the help of illegal automatic dialing devices. Our company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block the MSISDN numbers of subscribers whose actions may qualify for an automatic assessment of Frodo. Frod- type of fraud in the field of information technology, in particular, it is not logical or unauthorized act or unauthorized use of the resources and services in communication networks.


We use the following delivery methods: Courier express delivery "door to door" of the following companies: EMS-Mail of Russia, CPCR, DHL, TNT.Sroki delivery ** 2-10 days (excluding time to collect the order). Collection and preparation and transfer cargo to the courier service is carried out within 36 hours of payment. After payment of the order with you our manager and specify the conditions and method of delivery. Selecting a courier service provides the consignee. Payment for delivery is made by the consignee.