SIM-card activation

For SIM-card activation:

  1. Insert WellTell SIM-card in your mobile phone, turn it on, wait SIM menu to be loaded. 
  2. On your display you will see a menu in which you should choose: «GLOBAL» or «PRIME». If you are in Italy or Great Britain choose «PRIME», if you are in any other country, choose «GLOBAL». After this procedure the SIM card will register in the network of local mobile provider.
  3. In order to start using the telephone, you need to activate the SIM-card. Dial *101# and press "Call" button. 
  4. Your SIM-card will be activated immediately. 

Also you can allocate your Russian number to WellTell SIM-card.
Detailed description in the section keeping your

You can also set your own number as a substitution number.
More details in the section number substitution.