SIM menu comands

Connectin to WellTell after buying a SIM-card:

  • SIM card activation*101#

Rate plans activation

Data settings:

  • APN: globaldata
  • Name: any name

Activation of additional countries which are not in the general rate plan:

  • Activation of additional countries *250*1#

Виртуальный номер:

  • Substitution of a virtual number: *150*1#, "call" key
  • Random change of number:*150*0#, "call" key


  • Check your balance *100# or *102# or *105#
  • Display your number *103#
  • Display your SIM ID: *110#

Additional options "The whole world unlimited":

  • Voice substitution *300*X#, where X - a number from 1 to 7, changing your voice in different variations
  • Setting of real voice: *300*0#

Turn on "Keeping your number"

Keeping your number

Turn on "Number substitution"

Number substitution